How to Improve STAP

Constructive Ideas to Improve STAP Community Living

Follow the advice of a man who made it to the top of the top country in the world:

Do not ask what STAP can do for you; ask what you can do for STAP.

Some of us have a very busy schedule—either working or playing—and find little time to complain. Others have more time on their hands and could contribute greatly to making STAP’s life a notch better for all. How? CONTRIBUTE.

Hint #1:

Change the old reflex of complaining. Instead, formulate positive suggestions, proposals, or requests. Doing so will improve your resolution batting average and speed greatly. How?

  • Send your request in writing. State your request clearly and politely and in as few words as possible, and date it.
  • Address your request to the manager, but copy all board members, as they are the ones who are charged with making the ultimate decisions.
  • Ask for a reply timeline.
  • Follow up gently, if needed.
  • Refrain from using regular owners/board meetings to lodge acid complaints (or just as a last resort).

Hint #2

  • When you feel an important situation needs to be improved, contribute your time. Form a group of two or more people. A group acts; a committee talks.
  • Propose your group’s plan to the manager and the roles each member will play to solve the situation—for example, execute, supervise, counsel or all three.
  • Copy the board members.

Hint #3

  • Unless you really appreciate when your neighbor receives a special favor, DON’T ask for one from anyone: manager, board member, or friend who knows someone.
  • Let’s abandon the idea that one owner should receive special treatment that is not afforded to every owner. We are all first-class STAP citizens and support that concept.